…Nobody Likes Compliance!

Or the compliance person within your organization. They are always checking behind others, implementing new processes and often times, telling you something else or different needs to be done.

Compliance serves multiple purposes. At one level, it is the system of checks and balances that ensures you are meeting your program-defined quality and standards. At a higher level, it provides proof to accrediting bodies that you are maintaining or exceeding their defined quality and standards.

Regardless of who you are complying with or for, documentation is key. This means documentation of quality management benchmarks, education and training, loop closure of self-identified issues, governmental regulations, etc.

If it is not documented, it is not compliant.

The end of the year (or beginning of the year, depending on how you document and report) is always stressful when it comes to compliance, especially if you wait until it is reporting time.

There is no need to overcomplicate compliance and having proper tools in place makes reporting less stressful. Staying compliant is easy with good habits and routines, which will prevent the last-minute crunch.