CAMTS Accredited Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Blurring the lines of pre-hospital and home care. When 911 is activated, is it possible to triage the root cause and dispatch an appropriate clinical professional to the patient instead of EMS transporting to the ED?

The First Edition of CAMTS Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) standards is likely to be ratified and open for application in 2022.

Why MIH?

  • Prevents readmission
  • Management of frequent EMS users
  • Chronic disease counseling
  • Assessment and assistance to appropriate treatment centers
  • Nurse triage services
  • Physician extension

This model is relatively new in our industry. Originally implemented as a way to manage chronic diseases and illnesses at home to avoid hospital readmission, it has grown exponentially in recent years.

By blending EMS, telemedicine, and often mid-level providers in the community, these mobile resources are available to help patients manage chronic illnesses in their homes. This can help decrease the frequency of acute decompensation and costly hospital readmission.

Depending on the model, hospital level monitoring and care can be provided at home. This has several benefits including increased likelihood for rest and recovery in their own environment, instead of the hospital. Monitoring equipment and frequent visits by MIH professionals allow for the care team to provide this type of care.

Another benefit of MIH is the ability to direct patients to the appropriate clinical setting without visiting the ED. These can include primary care, specialists, mental health professionals, and other treatment centers.

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