What Our Process Entails

Transparency is paramount when working with a consultant!

Your experience working with a consultant can vary. Our goal is to make this as streamlined and seamless as possible. Whether you are preparing for accreditation, have an ongoing project that requires oversight or completion, or simply need assistance with a single, smaller project, we can meet your needs.

Prior to beginning the project, we will hold discovery calls with your team to precisely determine your goals and where you are in achieving them.

We are flexible with our fee structure and can either establish an hourly rate, a per-project fee or a retainer with a discount.

After confirming the project and pricing, a contract will be signed. This protects you and your organization’s privacy.  We are happy to additionally engage in your own non-disclosure, further protecting you.

A secure shared drive, with limited access, is established so all documents can be shared, reviewed and approved. Any documentation we produce is for your exclusive use.

Depending on the scope of your project, completion times varies. For example, accreditation preparation can take anywhere from 20-80 hours and several weeks to months.

We are able to work 100% remotely, while coordinating with members of your medical department for projects that require “boots on the ground.” Depending on your locale, we can work on-site. If travel is requested or required, we are able to accommodate your needs.

Because we function as an extension of your core team, we will complete your application for accreditation and may be present during your audit, if requested.

In the patient transport industry, especially aero-medical transport, inviting a stranger in can be frightening. Letters of recommendation are available upon request.

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