Why You Can Trust Us.

Your information’s security and privacy are important to us.

I want to discuss this for one very important reason: there are some untrustworthy individuals in the medical transport industry, especially aeromedical.

Sharing your propriety company processes, documents and procedures is necessary for internal stakeholders, and on occasion, external collaborators.

There is a level of trust and understanding, and quite possibly, legally binding relationships with the individuals that now have your documents in their possession.

These untrustworthy individuals are defined by several characterizations:

  • They want to intentionally harm you and your operations.
  • They do not want to do the hard work.
  • They lack the know-how or resources to get the job done.

We are not characterized by this group.

We do not use your information for the betterment of your competitors. We do not favor one medical transport program over another.

Our guiding principals say it all:

  1. We are your advocate.

  2. Align with your mission & values.

  3. Direct communication & transparency.

  4. Confidential & objective.

  5. Integrity within the industry.

Our objective is simple: We favor strengthening the medical transport industry as a whole by helping as many programs as possible.