The Top Tools for Tracking Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

The Top Tools for Tracking Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are critical for measuring just how effectively your organization is working toward achieving its goals, including its readiness for accreditation. However, while they are crucial for any business’s success, they are only as good as the tracking tools used to measure those KPIs.

When measuring clinical KPIs, your charting software likely has some capabilities. For more complex tracking and trending, a tool is highly recommended.

Following are some of the best commercially available tracking tools that can help you gauge organizational progress. Whether you already know you need a more efficient tracking tool or you’re “just browsing” at the moment, keep in mind that sometimes, you don’t realize just how inefficient your current tracking is until you explore and experiment.

Best KPI Tracking Tools for Organizations

1.   Tableau

This is an excellent tool for customer/retailer engagement KPIs and data analytics. With the ability to develop insights using real-time data and blend data from sources like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Excel, Tableau is intuitive and timely.

2.   Simple KPI

Many organizations use this tool because of its cloud-based software and the ability to provide a variety of data. With insightful data dashboards and KPI reports that are useful, Simple KPI offers a free trial, as well.

3.   Moz

Moz has a host of dashboards and analytics that are easy to follow and use. It’s a popular tool that offers an entire suite of sub-tools for one monthly price to track and improve all kinds of stats if your organization uses a website.

4.   HubSpot

This one is especially great for marketing and sales tracking because users can integrate their COS and CRM into one simple tool. Everything from customer interactions to internal company department goals can be tracked with HubSpot.

5.   Olation

This software is brilliant because it works across multiple platforms and is OS-agnostic. Users rely on it for all kinds of perks and solutions, including predictive analysis. Olation also unifies applications and data sources while providing flexible reporting, planning, and forecasting. When your organization needs expert guidance on anything from re-organizing your teams to improving efficiency to preparing for EURAMI, CAMTS, NAAMTA, CAAS, or Joint Commission International accreditation, we can help. Contact us at Medical Transport Accreditation & Compliance today.