What Medical Transport Accreditation Means (To Your Team and Your Community)

What Medical Transport Accreditation Means (To Your Team and Your Community)

Medical transport programs seek various types of industry accreditation for many reasons. Being accredited can have a significant impact on both the internal and external sides of your business.

In other words, when your agency holds accreditations from one or more entities, it can positively affect your staff, the patients you transport, their families, and the entire community you serve.

The strict standards set by organizations like EURAMI, CAAS, Joint Commission International, NAAMTA, and the like mean that transport agencies that they accredit are committed to overall excellence, safety, and service.

What Accreditation Means to Your Employees

Everyone wants to be a part of something that is meaningful and purposeful. When a medical transport program holds accreditations, employees tend to feel more pride about the jobs they do, the people they work with, and the company they work for.

They view their work environment as one in which they belong to a team. They more deeply feel the potential to positively impact everything from patient care to policy management.

It can reveal gaps and strengths in your programs and processes, giving you the ability to rectify and improve them. 

The Advantages of Accreditation to Patients, Families, Community, and Payors

When your medical transport agency is accredited, it indicates to the public that you have been validated for integrity and safety. Your accreditation shows them that your team adheres to the highest standards of patient care and that auditors have verified your excellence in everything from safety to operations.

When members of your community need medical transportation, they will call on a company they trust – one that has been “tested” on all matters that make a difference in the way they or a loved one will be cared for. They will want an organization that has been accredited. Accreditation provides the proof the community needs that your medical transport company truly cares for them.

Payors and requestors are not always one and the same. Working with insurance and travel assistance companies means that they make a choice to use your service. Part of their decision-making process may involve selecting a provider that holds an accreditation.

Accreditation is the Key to a Stronger Medical Transport Company

When your service holds an accreditation, it mitigates risk and improves patient outcomes. In addition, accreditation fosters a culture of safety, quality, learning, and cooperation within your company.

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